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Even a small improvement can make a big difference for such an important day.

We have experience and delivered worldwide international anniversaries for 50, 100 and 150 year anniversaries from 550 – 12,000 employees, think about how many people in your organisation suddenly have to organise an anniversary while doing the job you are employed to do. We are experts in anniversaries, and we love reading up on your DNA and history to awaken your employee’s passion, drive, and purpose of why they do what they do every day in your company. We are responsible, careful, and thorough. We guarantee that you get a once in a lifetime experience, excellent return on your investment, and unforgettable time together that last another 100 years.











Noric55° supplied the most sublime celebration of North Media Group’s 50th anniversary. It was no easy task with 13 different locations and approximatley 700 employees. Every aspect was considered before, during and after the party – and everything exceed my wildest expections!

Executive Assistand, The Sunday News

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