NORDIC55° Provides a wow factor

with an international mindset and innovative ideas, we achieve unforgettable experiences

What we can offer to you

We know your company’s DNA and we work as a team with your company and management. We already have knowledge about the management’s goals and desires for this year’s focus.

We know your goals, culture, strategy, vision and mission. Therefore, we can match these with the company and your employees desire for events and activities in cooperation with out strategic event partners, professional specialists, suppliers and network. Our skills and focus on the task becomes your advantage and strength. We are your strategic partner, advertising and marketing specialists and HR partner.

By using us, your employees are able to focus on their job without irrelevant distractions. It gives you the opportunity for a significantly improvement to the bottom line as well as less stress and illness for the individual employees.

Many find it difficult to say no to an event and therefore assumes this responsibility, both because it sounds interesting, and because the task in most cases comes from management. But it may be unusual tasks like these that put pressure on staff, leading to illness and stress.

Leadership & Development 

Personal & business Transformation Coaching

Video Production & Photography


Design, Print & Merchandise

Just imagine… anything is possible!